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Over five hundred houses burned by Colorado fires. "Many buildings and vehicles were set on fire"

APTOPIX Colorado Wildfires. Photo:The Associated Press


The World Daily | News Desk           DECEMBER  31st   2021 


The fire broke out in Boulder County, Colorado, USA. The fire has already destroyed over five hundred houses, and tens of thousands of people had to flee for fear of the element. The National Meteorological Service called it a "life-threatening situation".


The fire broke out on Thursday in County Boulder, outside Denver. The fast spread of the flames was caused by strong winds of up to 160 kilometers per hour. Some of the fires were ignited by the energy traction broken by the windstorm.


A state of emergency in Colorado


Colorado Governor Jared Polis introduced a state of emergency on Thursday afternoon to allow state governments access to additional funds and services during a crisis. He stated that the fire consumed nearly 263 hectares. Hundreds of houses have been destroyed, according to local authorities. France Press reported that their number exceeded 500.

Just over 30 kilometers from Denver, the city of Superior, with a population of approximately 13,000, was engulfed in a cloud of dark smoke. Due to the fire, all of them were ordered to evacuate. Louisville's population of 20,000 also had to leave their homes.

"If you're in the area, you need to act fast," the Boulder Crisis Management Office tweeted. Six people were hospitalized with burns at UC Health Broomfield Hospital, according to USA Today.  


"In the old town of Superior, many buildings and vehicles were set on fire, including the Element Hotel. In Louisville, at least a dozen houses were engulfed in fire," the American newspaper reported. Quoted by the newspaper, Pat Kilbride, who has lived in Superior for 30 years, said his house burned down, and with it his dog and cat, who could not escape. In his opinion, many other houses in the area were also completely destroyed. “It's all gone. The whole old part of the city,” he pointed out.


The drought and strong winds allowed the fire to spread rapidly


Strong winds of around 180 km / h exacerbated the fire that broke out south of Boulder, said Bruno Rodriguez, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service (NWS). In his opinion, the wind, along with a drought lasting more than six months, was "the worst, most terrible combination that allowed the fire to spread rapidly."

"The region has fallen just over 350 litres of rain per square meter since August, well below normal. But it is now raining," USA Today writes, adding that while firefighters continued to fight the raging fire, a snowstorm warning was issued from Thursday night rainfall about 10 centimetres. 


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Source: Reuters, PAP