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"A fire that threatens 500 homes. Many are millionaires' residences."

Fire in the Santa Monica Mountains. Photo:EPA


The World Daily | News Desk           MAY  18th   2021


The fire in the Santa Monica Mountains in Los Angeles almost doubled last night. Rotten trees and thickets made it easier. At least 1,000 people from the Pacific Palisades in West Los Angeles are under mandatory evacuation.


In Southern California, 540 firefighters are involved in tackling a fire that broke out Friday night and has not yet been brought under control. The authorities informed about the arrest of the suspect in setting the fire.

The Palisades Fire in Los Angeles County's Santa Monica Mountains had almost doubled last night. Rotten trees and thickets made it easier. At least 1,000 people are under compulsory evacuation. Pacific Palisades is a seaside district in West Los Angeles.


Half a thousand firefighters are fighting a fire

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas announced in a news conference Monday that one person had been arrested in connection with the fire. “We believe that we have the right person,” emphasized the mayor, quoted by the ABC station, without giving further details.

"About 540 firefighters fight flames over rough, steep terrain and from above, but have difficulty controlling a fire that threatens 500 homes, many of them millionaires' residences," ABC reported. Evacuation centres for large and small animals were also created there.

In areas inaccessible to firefighters on the ground, water tanks and helicopters were used to extinguish fires. On Monday morning, due to persistent low altitude clouds, it had to be temporarily abandoned, according to local authorities. 



Hundreds of houses under mandatory evacuation

About 500 homes in the Topanga Canyon area are under compulsory evacuation. According to Terrazas, no injuries have been reported so far, nor have any houses and structures been damaged by the fire.

On Saturday afternoon, the fire was initially limited to around 40 hectares, but gusts of winds ranging from 24 to 40 km/h caused the blaze to spread rapidly. On Saturday, in about an hour, the fire from 40 hectares spread to over 303 hectares and has been increasing ever since.

"The fire broke out during the early and potentially dangerous fire season in California. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, also known as Cal Fire, reported last week that California had burned nearly 5,665 hectares in more than 2,000 fires since early 2021, representing an increase of 700% compared to the fire activity at the same time in 2020,” reported ABC. 


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