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Australia continues evading tougher climate goals

Bushfires in Australia. Photo:Getty


By Patryk Krych | The World Daily | APRIL 24th 2021


Green groups have gotten involved in the arguments against Australia to make the country take on harder, more challenging climate goals as the US makes promises to toughen their own goals by halving their emissions by 2030.

Whilst addressing the global climate summit, in which the US had announced their own new ambitious climate goals, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison had stated that the country was well on its own path towards achieving net zero emissions.

Despite these claims, Morrison refused to give any sort of timeline or clear targets as to when this will happen, instead opting to confide that Australia will reach net zero emissions “as soon as possible.”

“Our goal is to get there as soon as we possibly can, through technology that enables and transforms our industries, not taxes that eliminate them and the jobs and livelihoods they support and create,” Morrison said at the summit. “Future generations... will thank us not for what we have promised, but what we deliver.”

On Friday, some industry and green groups had called on the Australian government to step up their game and put down some real targets for their emission goals, shortly after the announcement at the summit by US President Joe Biden. The introduction of a real date goal is important for the country, considering its role as one of the biggest carbon emitters in the world.

“To get to 45-50% by 2030 you need a pathway to get there. The UK are already a demonstration case about how you go about doing that without wrecking the economy,” said the deputy director of Melbourne Climate Futures at the University of Melbourne, Ben Neville.

Morrison said that Australia has the highest uptake of solar panels out of any country in the world, and that it is deploying renewable energy at a rate of 10 times faster too. Along with this came the promise that Australia would be committing $20 billion “to achieve ambitious goals that will bring the cost of clean hydrogen, green steel, energy storage and carbon capture to commercial parity.”

He added: “You can always be sure that the commitments Australia makes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are bankable.”


When questioned on Friday whether or not a date would finally be released before the arrival of the Glasgow summit, Morrison stated that this was under review. Many green groups are beginning to believe Morrison will only continue to push back against the pressure to release a positive date for the country’s climate goal.

“When the PM says we can rely on him to meet Australia's targets – which are among the weakest climate targets in the developed world – it's like a naughty schoolboy saying you can rely on him to not do his homework and get a D in maths,” said Kelly O'Shanassy, the Australian Conservation Foundation Chief Executive.

Based on Australia’s own projections, their emissions would only be down by 22% from their 2005 levels by the time 2030 arrives if things continue as they are now. This comes well short of their commitments made under the Paris Climate Accords.

“Getting to net zero emissions is a challenging puzzle. Like any jigsaw it will be easier to solve with some corner pieces in place,” said Australian Industry Group (AiGroup) Chief Executive Innes Willox.


By Patryk Krych | © The World Daily 2021