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No alcohol on board the plane. The line indicates aggressive passengers



The World Daily | News Desk           MAY  31st   2021


American Airlines has announced an extension of the suspension period for serving alcohol on board its aircraft. Earlier, Southwest Airlines decided to take a similar step. It has to do with the attack on the flight attendant from the other airline, reports CNN.


"Not only do flight attendants keep passengers safe every day, they provide mental support, answer questions and enforce compliance with laws such as compulsory masks. Last week, we saw deeply disturbing situations on board planes. To be clear: American Airlines will not tolerate violence or attacks on our crew," reads CNN's intra-corporate letter from CEO Brady Byrnes to American Airlines employees.

Like most U.S. airlines, AA suspended alcohol sales in March 2020 to minimize crew contact with passengers. The carrier said the current suspension will last until September 13. On this day, the rules for wearing masks on board airplanes, airports, trains, buses and boats, which have been imposed by the US regulator, end. 


As reported by airlines, alcohol will be served in First and Business Class, but only during the flight.


Attack on a flight attendant

On May 23, a Southwest passenger was arrested on suspicion of battery after hitting a flight attendant on a flight from Sacramento to San Diego. "The flight attendant had facial injuries and lost two teeth," said Lyn Montgomery, president of the Southwest Airline's Cabinet Union.

Since the beginning of the year, some 2,500 reports of unruly passengers have been reported, 1,900 of them relating to refusal to wear a mask, according to data from the FAA government agency. 


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Source: CNN