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Thailand’s Hidden Gem of Green Sunshine and Blue Serenity; Railay Beach and the Krabi District

Railay Beach, Thailand. Photo by © Thomas Krych. 


                     AUGUST, 2018


By Patryk Krych | The World Daily 


Thailand’s Hidden Gem of Green Sunshine and Blue Serenity; Railay Beach and the Krabi District


Thailand is without a doubt one of the greenest and most beautiful countries on Earth, so it should come as no surprise that the details of its magnificence transcends the better-known towns and cities of Bangkok, Pattaya, and Chiang Mai, and can be found in significant proportions around the lesser-known areas of the country. I speak, in particular, about Railay Beach; of the Krabi district of course.

There are few truly isolated places left on Earth anymore, but Railay is one of them; being surrounded entirely by forested jungles and high mountains, and having no air services that reach it, neither commercial or private. This leaves only one method of entry to the beach that I myself partook in upon my visit to the exotic Krabi District, and that method is by speedboat or ferry.

The speedboats are around 300 Baht per person, which comes down to about 7.85€ -exchange rate tends to variate of course- which is, in all consideration, fairly cheap for a one-way trip to a place that can only be visited by means of a short voyage. But is it worth it, one might ask? For that much money, you could buy a simple fast food dinner for one person, so why use it up on such a trip? Well I can certainly say that if it came down to it, any reservations one might have about the travel are easily cast away upon gaining that first glimpse of Railay Beach.

I spare no exaggerations when I call this a paradise, for it ticks all the boxes: Green and lustrous backdrops, deep and light blue colours in the waters, friendly locals with overbearing smiles of greeting, and of course a very short walk to the multitudes of scattered hotels, restaurants and bars, all along the remote village.

If you have similar tastes to my own, you’ll stay at the Sunrise Tropical Resort; a quaint little hotel which has every right to call itself a resort, with its large and comfortably vented rooms, to its outdoor swimming pool and striking breakfast/dinner area. With so much moisture and heat in the air, the rooms will be a particular relief. And if the hotel’s slightly more Westernised cuisine doesn’t appeal to you -lets be honest, who travels to the East for Western food?- then you can have your fair share of Thai courses; starters, mains and deserts in any of the nearby restaurants.

A mentionable favourite of mine was one little restaurant called ‘Mum’s Kitchen’, where the only Western foods you’ll find are the Italian pasta and American burgers. As for the rest, they don’t miss anything out with their Pad Thai, assortments of shrimp, squids and salads, and anything you expect in a Thai menu.

The bars in particular were in large supply, so you’ll find you’ll never be short on those for a quiet evening. As for daytime activities, if the bright selection of the four quiet beaches of Railay themselves don’t appeal to you, there’s always the option of sightseeing in the village itself!

Endless entertainment can be found with the monkeys alone! Rhesus macaques are fairly common in the Krabi District, and not at all difficult to find. Them, along with the caves full of bats, and invading tiny lizards. All amusing in their own right, in fact. The bats may be harder to find, but stop by along any of Railay’s tourist-friendly caves, and you’re sure to catch a glimpse.

Don’t feel inclined to stay on Railay alone throughout your entire stay, of course. Also easy to discover are the tourist help desks that offer a variety of adventurous options outside the peninsula as well. From rock climbing to mountain hiking, kayaking, and even the much revered -on my part- elephant walk, where you not only meet and feed real Thai elephants, but also have the opportunity to bathe with them.

Railay is indeed a wonderful place to visit, whether it’s for someone seeking leisure, or someone seeking uncommon adventures and experiences. Anyone can find comfort in a country as open and friendly as Thailand.


By Patryk Krych | The World Daily


Phra Nang Cave Beach, Railay, Krabi. 


Tourists and hikers arriving in Railay East. 


Tonsai beach in Railay, Krabi. 


Only 45 minutes by speedboat from Railay. Island Koh Lao Ladding near Hong Island in Krabi, Thailand. 


Photography © Thomas Krych