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Iceland–just perfect for all kind of Nature lover

A mountain covered with first autumn snow in Skógafoss, Southern Iceland. Photo: Thomas Krych


                   APRIL 26th 2019


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Iceland–just perfect for all kind of Nature lover


The nature that gives you a boost of freshness where you find all types of nature, i.e., glaciers, waterfalls, and an open hygienic environment; The South Shore of Iceland is referred to as the most visited sightseeing route, the most scenic area of the country. It is also called as South Coast. As for Vik is considered to be surrounded by charming Villages and breathtaking bird cliffs.


A panoramic view of the mountains and a small church in Vik, Southern Iceland. Photo: Thomas Krych


Iceland’s South Coast


The specialty of this place is that it’s the flattest area of Iceland. Due to this advantage, the majority of all grain farming is performed in this region. The high peaky mountains in the north, guard the region against the hard wind that blows from the north. The moment you step into the region, it’ll be your favorite part of the whole of Iceland.


A small church in Reykjanes Peninsula, Southern Iceland. Photo: Thomas Krych


Special about South Shore


So, you might be wondering what exactly makes this place so noteworthy? Hope up in your car and get ready to explore this piece of nature. 

Seljalandsfoss–you might have seen many pictures of this incredible waterfall because it is the waterfall of Iceland that is most-photographed. It is definitely worth it! Seljalandsfoss pours over a considerable cliff right into a small rounded pool, all surrounded by immense green moss. The cliff is formed in a way that you can even have a look at the back of the Seljalandsfoss waterfall and that you’ll definitely want to do.
Skogafoss – the biggest stunning waterfall in Iceland! It cascades from the cliff that is the former coastline of the country. The rainbows you see in pictures are completely visible here with your naked eyes. Skogafoss cascades down millions of gallons of water. It has been like this for thousands of years now. Watching the waterfall from such high and beauty is indeed a very moving experience.

Skógafoss waterfall in Southern Iceland. Photo: Thomas Krych


Solheimajokull – the most stunning glacier that stretches out of the gigantic Mýrdalsjökull glacier. It is very rich with sulphuric acid that comes from the areas that are subglacial and is also known as the “stinky river.” Not only this, but Solheimajokull is also nicknamed as the “Shrinking Glacier.” For unknown reasons, Solheimajokull started shrinking, and as for now, it is hard to specify its approximate size. There’s also a snag that it may disappear in a coming few centuries. Yet it is perfect for hiking and ice climbing. 
Eyjafjallajokull – the volcano eruption that took place here in 2011 isn’t really anything to look at much. But it sure is interesting to drive around the area to see the place buried under ash. To pronounce the word “Eyjafjallajökull” sure seemed like magic though.
Mýrdalsjökull– A gigantic glacier is a fourth largest, visible from the village of Vik glacier that requires a ride through the rumbles, road filled with a pothole. This glacier in upon Katla which is an active volcano. Mýrdalsjökull is nearEyjafjallajokull, and the glacier is all buried under layers of ash.

Ice hikers on Sólheimajökull Glacier, in Southern Iceland. Photo: Thomas Krych


A winter view of Eyjafjallajökull volcano peak covered with snow, in Southern Iceland. Photo: Thomas Krych


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