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"Extremely high level of activity" of Russian warships, forcing the action from the British Navy



The World Daily | News Desk           MARCH  26th  2020


"Extremely high level of activity" of Russian warships, forcing the action from the British Navy


Nine Royal Navy ships tracked seven Russian ships in connection with the "unusually high levels of activity" noticed in the English Channel and the North Sea, the British Navy said on Thursday.


"Royal Navy has completed an increased tracking operation of Russian warships after an extremely high level of activity in the English Channel and the North Sea. Type 23 frigates: HMS Kent, HMS Sutherland, HMS Argyll and HMS Richmond joined the marine patrol vessels HMS Tyne and HMS Mersey together with RFA Tideforce, RFA Tidespring and HMS Echo as part of a large-scale operation with the support of NATO allies," the British navy said in a press release on Thursday.


Navy "monitored every movement of Russian ships."


It was emphasized that the Russian activity, which forced British ships to take action, took place at a time when the Royal Navy was preparing to help NHS public health services and other government departments in response to the COVID-10 pandemic, a coronavirus disease.

"While Royal Navy's logistics specialists and military planners collaborate with other branches of the armed forces to help respond to the coronavirus, Royal Navy sailors and aircraft crew monitored every movement of Russian ships using state-of-the-art radars, monitoring cameras and sensors to track the course and speed of the ships while passing the British Isles," - we read in the press release.

It was added that the British Navy was supported by Merlin and Wildcat helicopters from 814 and 815 naval squadron.

As explained, three Corvette-class “Stierieguszczij”, two landing ships and two “Admiral Grigorowicz”-type frigates as well as their support vessels and tugs were observed during the operation.

The announcement indicated that the HMS Sutherland was guarding the Russian presence in the waters as part of NATO Group 1 Permanent Ship Complex (SNMG-1). It is a task group with very high readiness, composed of frigates and destroyers, which patrol the northern waters of Europe.

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