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Greece: A Land Piece with Enormous Beauty and History

Greek flag on a ferry to Gramvousa Island. Photo: Thomas Krych


The World Daily - Travels Desk | Photography: Thomas Krych | MARCH 2019


Greece: A Land Piece with Enormous Beauty and History


Greece and its remarkable islands are well known for the main 3 things –the ancient civilization, a developed tourist system, and its amazing landscapes. Greece is enriched in culture and breath-taking beauty and nobody ever felt that it’s completely explored even after numerous visits. Greece is all its over-whelming natural beauty that attracts tourist from every part of the world.


Chania in Crete


Discover Greece:

The official name to Greece is the Hellenic Republic. The great civilization here was the Minoan culture on the remarkable island of Crete in 2000 B.C. The country in the ancient times was split up into city-states and was ruled by the noblemen. Athens, Thebes, Corinth, and Sparta were the largest ones. They often had war with one another. Yet Athens later in 508 B.C. was the most powerful of them and then democracy-rule by the people system was discovered.
For the summer holidays, Greece is like the ideal destination for tourists. The bright shining sun, the ultra-relaxing beaches, the incredible beauty of nature, the culture and the soothing hospitality will delight the moment you step into the place. Not only a place to swim around but also stunning sites you’ll regret not seeing to. So many islands are found here that’ll take centuries for you to be explored.


Gramvousa Island


The Invaluable Gift of Nature: Crete

History –Crete runs a very deep and legendary history marked by many periods. Europa was the first Queen of Crete and later Crete was known as the land of king Minos. In Crete, the most influential citizens of the world – the Minoan Civilization initiated. Later on, huge palaces were built like the Phaestos Palace, Knossos Palace and the Zakros Palace also established a powerful empire in the Mediterranean.


Knossoss Palace


Attraction Points – including the Archaeological sites such as the palaces, you’ll find the monasteries built in the 15th century and the historic Toplous and Arkadi monasteries as well. These places will make you travel to the olden times. Especially, the Kastelli in Chania, the castle of Heraklion, the Kazarma Castle and the Fortress in Rethymno

Hospitality –the characteristics of the landscapes and the hospitality of Cretan’s is very similar – generous, magnificent and very welcoming. The people there are happy to share their landmarks. The senior citizens are too excited to share their life experiences and the history they know. You will also hear the great stories of love and friendship that lead to gratified and family-oriented people. Cretan’s liberal hospitality will make you feel a part of the unique island.




Things to do –All kinds of sports and other activities can take place here in this nature. As for Canyon hiking, magnificent beauty is offered. Samaria is the largest and the most popular gorge in Crete, with its distinguished Portes which is also called the Iron Gates. Amba, kourtaliotiko, Ha (also known as the ‘King of Cretan Gorges’), Tripiti and Kamaraiko (the longest) are some must-visit canyons in Crete.


Samaria Gorge


Old town hauses in Chania, Crete


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